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Clínica PRIVÉ

Aesthetic Medicine and Dentistry Clinic


Clínica PRIVÉ diligently follows and applies all health and safety norms. Our multidisciplinary team in Aesthetic Medicine and Dentistry are responsible in ensuring an ethical service, testing and validating the new procedures, updating auxiliary personnel in evidence based therapies and defending the autonomy of team members in the personalization of the treatments.

Consulta de Plano de Tratamento na PRIVÉ Portimão


Higiene Oral na Clinica PRIVÉ - Portimão


We deliver advanced dentistry, resorting to latest technology that the dental market has on offer. We offer services in the following dental fields: Oral Surgery, Implantology, Orthodontics, Periodontology, Fixed and Removable Prosthodontics, Cosmetic Dentistry, Dental Bleaching, Endodontics, Occlusion, Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction, Traumatology, Pediatric Dentistry and Prevention.


Our facial aesthetic treatments aim to improve facial contours by restoring volume, natural hydration and stimulating the production of elastin and collagen. Modern rejuvenation methods are safe, fast and minimally invasive. Treatments are carried out using the latest technology acting safely and effectively, obtaining excellent results. 

Endymed Pro na Clinica PRIVÉ - Portimão


Teeth Grinding
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