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The PERFECT SMILE Clinic is a modern street level clinic with ample parking available. We are located in the Western Algarve close to the fishing town of Portimão. Two important land marks that can help you locate our dental surgery are: Pedra Mourinha Pharmacy and Mercedes Benz Dealer.

Tel Clínica Privé
(+351) 282 457 018
Mobile Clínica Privé
(+351) 96 898 5085
Emergency 24 Hrs clínica Privé
(+351) 96 839 4889
e-mail Clínica Privé
GPS Clínica Privé
37°08'37.1"N 8°33'01.2"W
Address Clínica Privé
Rua da Pedra, Urb. Alto Alforrobal, Lote G, Bloco 2, Loja 8, 8500-791 Portimão

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Working hours:

For your convenience we treat patients Monday through Saturday with late appointments available on Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings.

___09H00 to 20H00
___14H00 to 19H00
___09H00 to 20H00
___09H00 to 19H00
___14H00 to 20H00
___09H00 to 13H00

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